Hand Sanitizer and Masks

Hand Sanitizer and Masks

If soap and water is not an option for hand washing and hygiene, you may need to turn to a hand sanitizer. However, not all hand sanitizers are created equal!

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), methanol alcohol is not the right choice for hand sanitizer. It’s hazardous for human health especially considering how quick toxins can enter your bloodstream through direct contact of the skin.  An ethanol or isopropyl based hand sanitizer is safest.  It is suggested that it should contain at least 60% ethanol to be most effective in killing germs.

At Royal Supply Inc., we have several selections in both a gel or foam type that meets the guide lines for CDC requirements (contains 62% alcohol). Call us today to find out which option is best for you/your company!

We are also carrying disposable 3-layer masks and washable 7-ply masks that are copper infused.  Both are approved by the CDC, EPA, and are readily available!

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