Free Dispensers!

Free Dispensers!

All manufacturers offer FREE dispensers to distributors who, in turn, tell you how lucky you are to get free soap, roll towel, and toilet tissue dispensers.  Are we right?

Later you come to find out that you’re STUCK buying their soap refills, paper towel, and toilet tissue because their product only works with their dispensers.  That’s called a proprietary dispenser.

On average, a proprietary dispenser refill costs between 20-40% MORE for all of us.  The distributor is enticed to obtain the free dispensers and you are stuck buying the ‘free’ dispenser’s product.  In addition, if another distributor tries to sell that same product at a lower price, the manufacturer of those products have been known to step in and claim the distributor is trying to steal business.  This essentially leaves the end user (you, as the customer) stuck with possibly paying a higher price.

This makes much more sense when we don’t have to think about it.  From state and county contracts (tax payer dollars) to companies with tight budgets, this is an industry old trick.

Ask your distributor if they offer “universal” dispensers.  The refills are much more competitively priced and you won’t be cornered into buying a certain brand or forced to pay higher prices to fill that dispenser.

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