Becoming Green

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Becoming Green

For the last twenty years, businesses have wanted to become more earth friendly with the products they use. From paper products, cleaning chemicals, trash can liners, and more.

In 2017, many companies making bathroom paper products, trash can liners, and cleaning chemicals, have become green. This means they meet a minimum post consumer content and have processes that reduce energy and consumption.

For businesses though, many are not aware there are several other things or programs to research.

Here’s just one idea to consider: Instead of renting entrance mats, buy them and have your cleaning crew clean them. This eliminates a truck coming frequently (using fuel), bringing them back to be laundered, (water, electricity) and returning to you. On top of that, the entrance mats out there are actually designed to be a “wiper” mat to be placed more inside of your building, not at the front door. Use a “scraper/wiper” mat. They won’t slide around, will stop more dirt at the door, and won’t bunch up and be a trip hazard.

I could write forever on being “green”. Many of you are without even knowing it.

However, one visit to your facility, and we’ll be able to help if there’s more you can do, without spending a fortune.

Give us a call!

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